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Name:Miharu Rokujo
Birthdate:Jun 14
Having lost both his parents early in life, Miharu has been raised by his extended family for many years. While most become close to their adoptive guardians, he never quite has - not in such a way that is passing the level of extended family, at least. He does not think of them as a type of parental unit, or at least he does not think so.

Pretending to be apathetic to the world, Miharu is unaware of many aspects of himself. Deep down, he is a caring individual, empathic and struck deeply by the world around him. To protect himself from this, he pretends that he does not care and wishes not to find out. He is a self declared ninja, at first simply because others were throwing the term around, and because he could easily do so in the face of this. Miharu does many things simply because he can, while one may not expect it, he happens to be quite the reckless individual.

Inside of him, he carries the Shinrabanshou, a forbidden ninja art. Only one 'vessel' can contain it at a time; when one dies, the Shinrabanshou simply finds another. Miharu refers to this as a 'fairy' inside of him, one that communicates with him, one that he must both deny and accept her ideas and reasonings.

This art is forbidden because it is the art of rewriting. Using it, one can make any wish come true, if they are willing to sacrifice enough and if the fairy is willing. She has been known to modify such wishes in the past, simply for her own amusement. If she does not find one entertaining, she will ignore it.

When Miharu has used this, words will write themselves over his entire body. Words that reveal the essence of him, all of what is most important and most influential is written. But he has only fully used it once. By doing so, he became the King of Nabari, the world of the ninja, a world which operates among us in secret covenants and dark shadows.

His past, present and future have all damaged him, and it is becoming harder and harder for him to wear that cracked shell of a mask...

Miharu is from Nabari no Ou ( manga version), and is the property of Yuhki Katamari. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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